The Word of the day is a Lithuanian one


I suppose I`d better just copy/paste a question asked by a forum user, and the reply, too. Here`s the question asked by Juksis:

Ar gali būti toks žodis "stebėsena"?

Here`s the reply, by Dodo:

Neturėtų tokio būti ir geriau būtų, jei jo nebūtų. Bet yra, deja. Kas dar kartą įrodo: mūsų kalbos komisijantai ne tik nemyli kalbos, bet ir morfologijos neišmano. Pakeitė "stebėjimą" į "stebėseną", ir nusispjaut jiems, kad tokia daryba visai kitką reiškia. "Laikysena", "šnekėsena", "eisena" ir panašūs - taigi prasmė kitokia!

I`d better explain what`s so crazy about the word. See, the Lithuanian Language Board is fond of inventing neologisms and forcing those upon everybody else. Would be OK if only the LLB functionaries knew anything about the language they run...
The neologism "stebėsena" cooked up by them has forcibly replaced the old one "stebėjimas". Matter is, the LLB morphology is all wrong, as the particular suffix and ending do change the sense altogether, so now folks meaning to say "watching" must say "(a particular) way of watching" instead.

It should be funny, but it makes one sad...


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