Is it the world going from crazy to dumb censorial? Or what?

First Tolkien anti-feminist, and now this... "Protecting children from smoking scenes" by maiming and cutting old Russian animation? Do the "protectors" know the Ну, погоди! Wolf is an "anti-hero", and the Чебурашка Crocodile uses his pipe to blow soap bubbles? Do they think children learn about smoking from cartoons and not from observing the everyday life? What would they want to censor next, the colour blue? Or perhaps black? More to the point, can they offer something instead? They can neither write books nor make movies; is that why they are so anxious to censor books written by others and to ruin movies made by others? I suspect there`s more to it than just plain envy, though...

Куда только смотрит Задорнов... Это ведь Клондайк, богаче чем все дурацкие объявления!

My oh my... Совсем дело табак!



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