As mentioned in the review, there are some arguable points in the Death by “Gun Control”. The authors seem to hold “restrictions on who can own or possess a gun” a self-evident evil. I cannot quite agree to that. Some restrictions are well-grounded. Psychos should not be allowed to own guns. Children shouldn`t, likewise. You wouldn`t let your very young children play with matches, would you? Well firearms can be more dangerous than matches. You most probably wouldn`t lend your car to a psycho, or a drunk, for that matter. On the other hand, cars are much more dangerous than guns, so this seems to be an issue different and separate…

There`s one other thing I think the authors should have stressed.  I do believe they go too easy on the “zero tolerance” policies. Or omit an important aspect, at least. I quote:

A teacher in Manassas, Virginia, obtained a state-issued permit to carry a concealed weapon, and did carry her sidearm for protection at night. On March 6, 2000, she accidentally and unknowingly brought the loaded sidearm onto school property in her closed purse. Another teacher came upon the purse left unattended, opened it, and discovered the gun. /… … … / Virginia`s “sensible” gun law snared this teacher for a mistake that hurt nobody. /… … / The anti-self-defence (“gun control”) lobby did not protest this senselessly severe application of that “sensible” law.

Well I ask you! What kind of a community is that? Do they find it acceptable and legal to rummage about someone else's belongings with neither leave nor search warrant? Do they think breaking and entering perfectly OK too? Why wasn`t the nosey teacher punished or put to shame, at the very least? What kind of citizens might be fostered by such “educators”? Peepers and stalkers and thieves and conceited ones with no respect for the privacy of others? Or what?

It is things of this kind, if anything, that call for “zero tolerance”, not guns!



11/21/2012 16:32

Hi. Dodo. I survived -- still alive, after Sandy.(our famous hurricane).
I personally think that there definitely should be some gun control, since otherwise every teenage or mentally unstable individual could get hold of guns. I personally think guns are not really necessary for anyone other than a policeman, or unfortunately a soldier. However, people like them, they are used to them and they feel safer having them, especially if they live in the middle of the woods, so guns cannot really be totally outlawed in the US, at least. Then they may start outlawing bikes, alcohol, cigarettes and other things. Everything that is not good cannot be totally outlawed, but rather controlled to a certain degree -- the the degree absolutely necessary for the maintenance of a more or less civil society.

The guns are only a part of the problem -- many people get stubbed with kitchen knives. All kitchen knives cannot be outlawed, after all.
It is more the consciousness of the society than the weapons they posses. Still, some control is needed.



11/21/2012 19:00

Hi Liliana! I`m glad you are OK.
And thanks for your comment. Yes, some control is necessary and healthy. But Zero Tolerance only calls for zero tolerance, methinks. Like you say, kitchen knives cannot be outlawed; they might up and outlaw bare hands as well, because some can do more harm using their bare hands than using a gun. It all depends...
I`d say one living in the middle of the woods is safer than one living in the middle of a big city...

BTW, do you still want any Lithuanian books to read? How about ? I deem those worth reading, the first one in particular. Should you fancy those, I`d check around and see if the first one is still for sale, and if it is, I`d be glad to mail you a copy. I do know the last one is still in stock, but one should better start at the start... Anyway, if you do, you`d better send me an email message.

12/22/2012 20:59

Hi, Dodo. Now I see that guns are much more dangerous than cars, after all, especially in the hands of psychos. The best way would be to keep them away form them -- but how do you go about it? It is even hard to tell who is a complete psycho, and who is not -- I have know quite a few myself that looked quite average. There must be a way, but I don't know what exactly that would be. In the meantime, let's just hope for luck and proper intuitions, especially when you live in a country with four guns for each its citizen. Really sad, the last week and what happened in Connecticut. There is no other explanation than pure madness.

Best. Liliana. Have a peaceful, snowy Christmas and a New Year full of inspirations.


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